CoolTech cryolipolysis uses a controlled cold system: during the procedure 1 or 2 applicators are attached to the treatment area, a gentle but strong vacuum is applied, the fat fold is absorbed by the apparatus and its controlled cooling begins at -8 ° C for 45 to 70 minutes. Tissue-controlled apoptosis (self-elimination). The immune system ensures the removal of destroyed fat cells from the body in a natural (lymphatic) way. The process of fat breakdown begins on the 15th day and lasts up to 90 days. The resulting adipose tissue volume is reduced. Procedure 1-3 will give you a clinically proven effect. Each procedure removes 25% -40% of fat from the treated area. 2 weeks after the procedure, it is advisable to help the body expel fat cells.

One Applicator


Two Applicators