Icoone Laser is a Powerful and Breakthrough Technology for Face and Body Treatment for lymphatic drainage.
This patented, FDA approved system is the only technology in the world to deliver multi-micro alveolar stimulation, combined with dual-wavelength laser energy. A stand-alone device that treats the whole body, including delicate areas around the eyes, face, neck, inner arms and thighs, this system delivers treatments that are safe for all skin types - including sensitive, loose or damaged skin. Optimal results can be achieved in the first few sessions even in the most difficult of cases.

Icoone Laser is the only patented appliance in the world for treating: connective tissue, fibrillar tissue, elastic tissue, adipose tissue, muscle tissue, microcapilary circulation, employing a fractionated massage designed to apply alveolar micro stimulation.

Icoone Laser is intorduced to the market by I-Tech industries which is an European leader in skin technology. They employed a team of engineers and medical experts to create RoboDerm and Robosolo, a patented systems capable of Multi-Micro Alveolar Stimulation - accurately treating the micro vacuoles of the dermis.




Name of the procedure


1 Procedure - 30min


1 procedure - 40min